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Cross Stitch Calculator
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Fabric required Add 4-6 inches of cloth for blank space between Cross Stitch design and frame

** To use this calculator you will need to know 

the Count size of the cloth you will be using for your project **
  • The size of your finished Cross Stitch project depends on the count size of Aida Cloth you choose to purchase from your local craft supply store.
  • (Aida Cloth is the most common fabric used for cross stitching and comes in many sizes and colors)

  • Aida Cloth Count sizes are based on how many stitches there are per inch. For example: A 10-count Aida cloth would have 10 stitches per linear inch. Typical sizes are 11, 14, 16, 18 and 20 Count.
  • To calculate the finished size of your project, please input (in the appropriate sections) the Stitch Count provided on the pattern product page and also the Fabric Count size of the Aida Cloth you plan to complete your project on.


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* This Cross Stitch Calculator is intended as an approximate guide - please consult your local craft store if you need assistance with your cross stitch project.